Improving Pronunciation Through Online Jolly Phonics Classes

The process of learning includes various steps and activities, reading is one of the most crucial that are used while learning english. Reading is a complex cognitive process of decoding symbols with the intention of deriving the correct meaning. It is a means of language acquisition, sharing information and ideas in a more simplified manner. Phonics refers to the systematic teaching and learning of the sound conveyed by letters and groups of letters. It helps them to combine and blend these to read or write words. Phonics plays a significant role in the process by making the representation of the sounds of words explicit, so that it can be controlled and modified for the task of reading and constructing words. Jolly Phonics classes teach children to learn the sounds that each letter makes, and how a change in the order of letters changes a word’s meaning. There are various ways through which you can improve your pronunciation through online jolly phonics classes, few are mentioned below-


These jolly phonics classes plan the teaching-learning activity to overcome the problem found in the teaching-learning process, and to overcome the lack of students’ skills in pronouncing the appropriate phonics. The phonic plans include the preparation before the teaching-learning activity such as a well-structured lesson plan, plastic letters and some objects to be learned, a booklet, and supporting media such as an LCD, Laptop, and slide of phonic letters or words.

Breaking the code of written language

The phonics approach focuses on the analytical skills for breaking and evaluating the code of written language. This code-breaking helps children understand the shared spelling patterns across the target words. Knowledge of these particular patterns will help children identify the sound of familiar words and predict the pronunciation of unfamiliar words.

Choose a right phonics programme

Picking the right phonics programme is crucial for learning phonics, it specifies a defined way of learning. There should be an equilibrium between phonological awareness, sound awareness, and manipulation of skills. The effectiveness of a programme can be measured by how they are unfolding different layers of phonics to make it much easier for children.

Practising a small part of each lesson

Jolly Phonics classes won’t be able to just add magic to your phonics skills, applying the phonics to every reading set will make you a proficient reader. For example, while reading a story, you can count the number of syllables in target words, and also test yourself to think whether the keywords contain onsets, rhyme families, and letters that you have learned previously.

iSchooling focuses on a systematic and multi-sensory approach that teaches preschoolers how to read and write words in a proficient manner. We don’t want any children to get constrained by any limitations of sounds and words. Rather than learning the alphabet, we focus on making children learn the 42 English letter sounds in the online jolly phonics classes. Early readers and writers can get a well-structured learning plan from phonics classes by iSchooling.

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