Little girl reading e book on tablet with her mother

Online LKG Classes

The LKG curriculum is built around the child’s everyday world. Concepts like family, environment, plants, animals, and neighbourhoods are used to teach basic knowledge. Storytelling, dramatics, songs, and picture talk are combined with phonetics and blending of words to improve their spoken English.

Activity time and outdoor games are also part of the child’s learning experience where the child enjoys the most. Our programme uses multiple intelligence concepts to initiate the understanding of the basic talent of each individual child which can be enhanced during the initial stages.

iSchooling provides online classes for LKG to support the proud parents of these adorable little ones. Animated movies, worksheets, exciting learning gaming activities, practise questions, timely evaluation and analysis, textbook courses, labelled diagrams, and animated visuals make up the curriculum for online classes for LKG and. All of this is supplied to pique the child's interest in participating in various activities while also allowing him or her to learn via playmaking iSchooling education the best online classes for LKG.

Here’s how the online LKG classes function,  
  • Age group: 3-4 years
  • Duration: 2 sessions per week
  • Tuition fees that won’t be taxing.
  • No compromise on the quality of education delivered.

These online classes for LKG are sufficient for complete understanding and make studying enjoyable for these young children who are just beginning their school lives. The course of online classes for LKG is a fantastic and effective home tutor for students that keeps them engaged. These online classes can help parents of these children at any time, anywhere, and on any device, depending on their convenience and the child's understanding ability.

The Curriculum

The online classes for the LKG curriculum are based on the child's daily life. Basic knowledge is taught using concepts such as family, environment, plants, animals, and neighbourhoods. To improve their spoken English, they use a combination of storytelling, dramatics, songs, and image talk, as well as phonetics and word mixing in the online classes for LKG students.

Outdoor games and activity time are also a component of the child's learning experience, which he or she prefers. Our curriculum employs several cognitive principles to help children understand their basic talents and how they can be developed in the early stages.


4-5 yrs

Class Time

2 per week

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Little girl reading e book on tablet with her motherLittle girl reading e book on tablet with her mother

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