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Phonics is the relationship between the letters and sounds they make. Learning phonics will help the child to learn to read, spell and write correctly. Phonics gives the skill of blending for reading and segmenting for spelling. In the conventional Indian teaching system, students are made to learn the spellings rather than giving them the tools to spell words using letter sounds. In the early years, if students are aware of the letter sounds, blending techniques, and spelling strategies they become fluent readers and confident writers.

  • Introduce the vowels and consonants and their short sounds
  • Short vowel blends
  • Blending and reading three-letter words(CVC words)
  • Blends and Digraph
  • Long and short vowel sounds

Phonics classes for beginners focus on a multi-sensory, systematic approach that teaches preschoolers how to read and write words. Rather than learning the alphabet, children learn the 42 English letter sounds in the online phonics classes. Early readers and writers can immensely benefit from phonics classes by iSchooling.

Ultimately, online phonics classes training provides a well-rounded educational experience. And deciding to do so through iSchooling could be the smartest choice you've ever made, as it can turn out to be a career-defining decision.

Why focus on phonics?

The sounds and physical aspects of human speech are investigated in phonics classes, a discipline of linguistics. Simply described, it is a language system of correspondences between letters and sounds.

Online phonics classes can be an effective tool with a multi-sensory strategy for teaching young children (3-8 years) to read and spell because they are taught to associate each letter or letter combination with its appropriate sound and then blend the sounds to form words. The purpose of phonics classes for beginners is to teach 'early readers', or pre-schoolers, how to comprehend new written words by sounding them out in order to improve their reading and spelling skills.

Phonics is a method that is appropriate for even toddlers since it is a to follow and systematic.
  • It does not rely on youngsters memorising words, which might be tough.
  • Is effective because it uses a multi-sensory approach in which children's different bits of intelligence such as auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic abilities are utilised.
  • Is enjoyable, since exercises, worksheets, and games are used to boost learning.
Phonics enables children to:
  • Decipher words independently,
  • Decode words encountered while reading,
  • Learn new words,
  • Expand their vocabulary.
  • Learn to read quicker, independently, successfully, and accurately from a young age.
  • Increase their spelling skills,
  • Improve their ability to write independently,
  • Improve their comprehension skills, and begin progressive learning
Not just that, but we must recognise that children who can communicate effectively in English are more likely to excel academically because they can use English to read more and expand their knowledge. Such students are academically successful. They are less stressed and have strong levels of self-esteem and confidence. As a result, they are more likely to acquire a unique personality.


3-5 yrs for beginner's level & 5-8 for advance phonics

Class Time

Three sessions per week with session duration of 30 minutes

Tution Fee

Rs. 2500 per month for group & Rs. 5000 for individual sessions

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