iSchooling phonics classes is a digital learning experience that introduces homeschooling as an Early Education Program with online classes for UKG, LKG and Nursery. The homeschooling classes are structured with activity-based experiential learning for preschoolers. Moving away from traditional education, iSchooling phonics classes are a cost-effective approach that does not compromise the quality of education provided. We’ve created a guided curriculum for homeschooling classes with digital support for the child and parent that focuses on minimal screen time (three hours per day) and a flexible timetable. 

Apart from pointers focusing on what services are provided by iSchooling homeschooling classes, let’s uncover exactly why you should pick iSchooling for your kid’s education;

We Love What we do: The founders of iSchooling are enthusiastic educators with over 25 years of combined expertise in early childhood teaching. We believe that early childhood education can have a long-term impact on your child’s ability and attitude. The following are some of the benefits of our course structure of homeschooling classes:

  • Development as a whole
  • Learning with Intention
  • Interaction that is enjoyable
  • Experiential education

Versatility in Programs Offered:

  • Phonics Classes: The relation between the letters and the sounds they make is known as phonics. Learning through phonics classes will aid a child’s ability to accurately read, spell, and write. Phonics classes teach the skills of blending and segmenting for reading and spelling. Students are encouraged to learn spellings rather than being given the skills to spell words using letter sounds in the traditional Indian educational system. Through iSchooling phonics classes, students become fluent readers and confident writers in the early years if they are aware of letter sounds, blending procedures, and spelling strategies.
  • Introduce the vowels and consonants, as well as the short noises they make.
  • Blends of short vowels
  • Reading three-letter words and blending them (CVC words)
  • Digraphs and Blends
  • Long and Short sounds

Our programs from online phonics classes also extend to online phonics classes for children studying in UKG, LKG and Nursery.

Our Vision is to Provide Quality Education: By cooperating with parents, educators, and counsellors, and offering a positive, exciting, and safe learning environment, we, at iSchooling, hope to become a trusted partner in the field of early education. We wish to develop a foundation of lifelong learning by providing high-quality inclusive education in the comfort of your own home through our homeschooling classes. 

Hands-On Ease: The iSchooling curriculum software includes a digital beginner’s document to assist parents in introducing the notion of homeschooling to their children at home. When compared to a traditional online school, the Ischooing programme is substantially less expensive. Each student will have their own login credentials/id and password once they have been enrolled. Each month, your child will receive a worksheet, animated content, and a cover letter to keep them engaged and grow their minds. The journey with iSchooling phonics classes begins with a parent education session to assist them to comprehend the concept, which will make it easier for the child to understand and embrace the curriculum. Each week, the programme of homeschooling classes is divided into two online sessions: co-scholastic and scholastic for the holistic development of your child.

Overall development in the early years of life is critical for growth, and our programme incorporates phonics (learning primarily through sounds) for language development, mindful learning, and life skills development, resulting in children growing up to be valuable contributors to society.

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