Reasons Why The Reading Habit Is Important For Your Children

Children are known to be inquisitive. Whenever they see new things, they want to explore them, and that is how a curious mind works. Here the role of parents comes into the picture, as it becomes their responsibility to introduce their little ones to new things. There is so much to learn for children beginning with the colors, words, textures, pictures, numbers, characters, illustrations, and a book composite of all of them. So at an early age of your child, you should try to inculcate the habit of reading. Because language is one of the most potent tools humans possess, and if we are looking for an effective means to master this tool, reading can be a fulfilling asset. If the habit of reading is inculcated at an early age, it helps enhance imagination and brain development. To build the habit of reading, It’s never too early. It’s a gift for a lifetime.

Everybody knows that reading has many benefits and they all are well acknowledged. Consistent reading elevates your child’s vocabulary treasure, improves writing skills, and is also known to boost memory. Cultivating the habit of reading is one of the precious gifts that a parent can give to their child. However, it is not the same for everyone as reading comes naturally for some children, while it may be a tricky code to crack for others.

It is essential to cultivate a reading habit in children while they are at a young age. Children may begin to dread books for their academic undertones, and reading may seem like an arduous task. Even after the covid era, online classes for children ensure a safe and suitable reading environment and maintain the required learning standards. 

In the Indian education system, the pressure of academics is immense and overwhelming for kids. They run away from the idea when you ask them to read non-academic books. In school, there is overexposure to books that bores them, and they look for something innovative and exciting when they come home. When you introduce them to phonics classes early, it has a lasting impression. It mentally prepares them for school and also helps them adapt to the reading-focused learning environment in future classrooms. At the same time keeps them returning to their love for books that were first introduced to them and not getting limited to academic books! So let’s explore some benefits of inculcating reading habits in your children-

Elevates attention span 

Attention span has been drastically reduced these days, and children find it challenging to retain their attention on one thing for a more extended period of time due to overstimulation from using devices. Reading solves this issue quickly as it improves the attention span of kids, which is very important. It is proved that reading improves your focus abilities and elevates concentration capabilities. Focusing on scientific reason, reading books stimulates the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain that affects attention and concentration. 

Sparks curiosity 

Only a curious mind attempts to learn. Stories can be considered an effective way to dive deep into the unknown parts of the world. The more variety of topics you offer to your children, the more possibilities for children to learn and explore. Providing books on famous artists, butterflies, and buildings across the world or the universe may inspire children to develop new interests and hobbies. In this way, you create opportunities for your children to learn about different cultures and people. The child learns new things from books, which automatically triggers their curiosity, and they start asking more and more questions in the quest for knowledge.

Increases vocabulary

Reading at an early age helps children learn new words and ways to express themselves, improves their grammar, and teaches new concepts. After becoming more aware of the terms, reading becomes the most crucial step in increasing your knowledge of words because it’s how your child will find most of the words they should be learning. They can read Whatever interests them or whatever makes them want to read.

Enhanced empathy

Reading allows children to understand various emotions. Consistent reading allows your child to learn how to associate their feelings with words and find a way to express themselves better, this helps in their emotional and social development. Stories have various characters, perspectives, and values, allowing children to be more empathetic and making them encounter different emotions. Besides encouraging curiosity, which is crucial to learning the cause-and-effect concept in stories, it helps them to develop their analytical skills.

Storehouse of knowledge

You can easily take your child on a virtual tour across different cultures, then books can be a suitable way. A good book can impart joy beyond explanation along with knowledge. Reading can enrich a child’s mind with an ocean of knowledge and will have a life-long impact. You can make your child aware of various cultures, stories, morals, and values through reading. It is a lifetime reserve of knowledge that will assist your child in being a better and more knowledgeable person.

Adaptation to school life will be easier

A child who reads early finds it easier to adapt at school. Attending school is directly proportional to making notes on the board, and textbooks, and doing the homework given by the teacher, all involving reading. So if you inculcate the habit of reading early in your child, it would be smooth for them to get used to school culture. You can begin with online classes for preschoolers, this will assist them in adapting to the idea of attending school. 


Reading a book encourages the use of imagination. While reading about buildings, situations, characters, costumes, and dialogues, creates a visual impression and leads to imagination. Your child can start working on other life skills with the imagination that sparks further creativity. Even in online phonics classes, your child can get used to the habit of reading leads to a creative mind as it strengthens the capability of visualizing, which enables your little one to imagine out of the box as they will have more stories, characters, and words to express themselves uniquely.

Strengthen the bond between parents and children

Reading time can be a beautiful ritual if you want to create a solid emotional bond between you and your child. It allows parents and children to connect and unwind. Parents find it relaxing to be in the space of fantasy and wonder, and children love to hear stories from parents to feel the warmth of love. Reading stories to your children helps them to learn and express themselves as stories trigger conversations and questions. There will be a positive association in a child’s mind. 

Reduces screen time

Children’s brains need stimulation to learn and grow. This technological advance era has introduced tons of gadgets and games, and children have become addicted to screen time which hampers their brain development. Nowadays, children tend to stay home and avoid interacting with their peers. As they spend hours on screen, they become mentally and physically unhealthy. On the other hand, books inspire children to learn, develop, and explore the world around them.

Cognitive development

Cognitive development means how children explore, think and figure things out things with the course of time. It is the overall development of skills, knowledge, problem solving and dispositions that help children think about and understand the world around them. Brain development is part of cognitive development. Reading assists children in receiving background knowledge and in acquiring a deep understanding of their world. 

Life-long love for books

The initial years of a child are one of the crucial and sensitive periods, here, parents are the natural shape givers of a child’s behaviour patterns. Young children can be avid readers if guided correctly and develop a lifelong love for reading, eventually leading to better academic performance.

Better communication and social skills

 Reading does not just make your child aware of new words but also plays a vital role in sharpening oratory skills. Reading teaches you new words and perspectives. It sharpens sentence structure and strengthens language proficiency. Your child can enjoy a better command of the language by reading. It also assists an individual in being a good speaker.

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