Live Phonics Classes vs Pre-Recorded Lessons: Which is better & why?

In today’s digital era, we’re all familiar with the terms pre-recorded and live sessions. Have you ever attended a live online phonics class? And did you notice the difference? 

The face-to-face engagement has become increasingly infrequent, but live meetings can compensate. When it comes to learning a new curriculum, many people choose to participate in live phonics classes. 

There is also the option of pre-recorded sessions in addition to live phonics classes. However, it does have its drawbacks. 

Pre-recorded sessions now have undeniable advantages. Pre-recorded sessions are easier to manage from the learner’s standpoint. You don’t have to devote particular hours of your day to see them; you may do it whenever you choose. If the training session is lengthy, you may watch it entirely at your leisure by breaking it up into tiny chunks.

Furthermore, if you pick pre-recorded sessions, you may save the journey and unanticipated events will not derail your plans.

But this isn’t the entire story.

Online live phonics classes by iSchooling provide a distinct advantage that cannot be matched. The option of pre-recorded sessions does not allow for the same level of communication as live phonics classes by our teachers. 

No matter what the child is attempting to learn, we need to engage them with other people. Being able to view and communicate with the teacher allows you to assess his or her personality and training abilities as well as your kid’s. Being able to do so helps you feel more at ease as a trusting relationship has been built between your child and the teacher. This is an important aspect of the learning process that is often overlooked in pre-recorded lessons.

Some other advantages of live phonics classes by iSchooling are:


People who choose live phonics classes for their children will be able to communicate more effectively with their teacher, resulting in greater outcomes.


If your child has any queries, they may get them answered in real-time. In pre-recorded sessions, this is not an option.

Customized teaching

Our teachers make every effort to explain things to your child in a way that meets your requirements. A live phonics class is not understood in the same manner by everyone. Experienced specialists can explain anything in a variety of ways to accommodate your child’s learning preferences.

The benefits of both choices are discussed in the paragraphs above. In the end, your decision will be on what you believe is right. Because of the reasons stated above, many students choose online phonics classes. 

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