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Amongst the most essential abilities for a kid to acquire in the early homeschooling in India for preschooling years is reading fluency. A fluent reader not only makes the transition to being a fluent writer much easier than a non-fluent reader, but reading also plays a vital part in math, science, and social sciences as children become older. If you’re concerned about your child’s reading abilities, there are a few things you can do to help them improve their reading fluency including signing up for group classes for preschoolers in India by iSchooling. Being a good reader is more essential than anything else when it comes to academic success. Parents are the strongest people to know their children and can provide them with the one-on-one time and attention they need to succeed in reading. Here’s a list of things you can do to assist your kids to become better readers. 

Read to your child orally: Even if your child is old enough to read independently, having someone more experienced read to them is beneficial which is where online homeschooling in India comes in. Through our homeschooling module, They’ll acquire a better sense of rhythm and intonation, as well as an appreciation for a wide range of literature if you choose a diversity of genres.

Make a Schedule for “Reading Time” Daily:  studies demonstrate that reading aloud to children on a daily basis improves their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and word decoding. It will boost your children’s desire to read independently, whether they are toddlers or preteens.

Make a reading nook: Give your kid a reading space where she can relax and feel comfortable as she reads, complete with her own books after being done with their online homeschooling modules. While it may not aid in the technical aspects of fluency, it does aid in the development of general enthusiasm for reading.

Choose Books That Kids Can Relate To: Nothing piques a child’s interest in a book like learning that the main character is going through the same difficulties or issues they are. Choosing books that can help children discover answers to difficulties they are having are known as bibliotherapy, and it can help children not only improve fluency but also deal with challenges such as bullying and school rejection.

Encourage Participation in Reading Activities: Make reading a priority in the lives of your children. Make them read menus, road signs, gaming instructions, weather reports, movie listings, and other useful information apart from the designated course of the homeschooling module. Also, make sure they have something to read in their spare time, such as when they’re waiting for an appointment or in the vehicle.

Keep an eye on your child’s progress: Learn what reading abilities they should have at each homeschooling module level. This information will be provided via the homeschooling program. Report cards and standardised exams can be used to track their progress in learning fundamental reading abilities.

Use Reading Aids:  if you’re having trouble understanding what you’re reading. Use textbooks, computer programs, books-on-tape, and other store-bought items to assist your children to develop their reading skills. Games are particularly wonderful options since they allow youngsters to have fun while honing their abilities.

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