6 Benefits of Teaching Phonics To Your Preschooler Kids

Parenting is not a cakewalk; it consists of performing various roles, from a nurturer to a teacher, a friend to a preacher, and much more. They are assigned the responsibilities of making life-shaping decisions, and picking the right course of education is one of them. The initial learning of a child involves reading, writing, speaking & listening. These four words play a pivotal role throughout their lives and are critical during childhood development.

One effective way of developing these skills is phonics. Phonics classes are a way of helping children how to read, write and spell, and phonics has grown in importance over recent years. It is an excellent teaching method as it helps simplify the English language and is perfect for young children. Nowadays, online phonics classes are also here to help improve reading and speaking, but this article will help you to explore the more benefits of teaching phonics to your preschooler kids –

Better Spellers

Phonics classes ensure that in the early years of your child’s development, they are aware of the letter sounds, blending techniques, and spelling strategies; they become fluent readers and confident writers. So with the suitable adaptation of phonics, your child will learn how to break a sound and spell it correctly, becoming a better speller.

Language development

Extensive reading leads to broadening a child’s vocabulary and general knowledge. Phonics classes allow children to develop reading comprehension and learn new words with the correct sound. With this, children can easily understand words’ overall meaning while reading.

Deep knowledge of syllable structure

Children who take phonics classes become more familiar with syllable structure, which characterises how many consonants may occur before the vowel in a syllable, and how many after the vowel. Phonics education makes syllable structures easier to understand.

Fast sound and symbol recognition

Phonics classes help a child to start their reading journey with suitable phonics and tend to have excellent phonemic awareness, which is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate letter symbols with their appropriate sounds.

Great academic performance

With Phonics classes, children become so active with their reading and pronunciation skills that they also promote achievement in other subjects. Children with excellent phonics awareness can better grasp the knowledge in other matters across their school curriculum. It results in improving their academic performance in every issue.

Better language experience

Phonics classes enable children to learn all the phonograms required to learn the English language rules. Phonics support grasping the rules of a language and choosing a word when they hear a sound.

iSchooling provides online phonics classes to beginners that focus on a systematic approach and a multi-sensory strategy that teaches preschoolers how to read and write words. They focus on creating a unique place for phonics in a child’s learning course. They not only focus on learning the alphabet but also provide the opportunity for children to learn the 42 English letter sounds in the online phonics classes. Online phonics classes by iSchooling help early readers and writers to get fluent.

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