5 Fun Phonics Learning Activities for Preschoolers

It is tough to overlook the importance of reading and language to develop a firm base of academic excellence. These skills are the foundation for lifetime success and assist in securing a confident approach to presenting yourself as a fluent speaker and reader. It is justified to seek ways for your little ones to elevate their reading and speaking skills. One tried-and-true method for building literacy skills is using phonics online activities. Learning phonics will help young kids decode words to understand how they’re pronounced and what they mean. Online phonics classes are available for everyone, including effortless and amusing options for you and your child. iSchooling is firmly working toward providing a well-rounded educational experience, and they have a multi-sensory and systematic approach that can be a career-defining decision for your kids. We’ve gathered the best phonics online activities with the help of iSchooling just for you and your preschooler, have a look at them-

Play Dough phonics mats

Using playdough mats in your phonics online activities is a great way to go if you’re looking for a tactile activity to help students practice CVC words. Playdough is a great way that gives students a chance to practice words beyond paper and pencil (though you can get them writing with playdough mats too). Teach students how to make snakes of playdough and put these snakes into letter shapes that match the outlines on the playdough mats. Others may be easier to make with more than one piece. 


Kaboom is one of the simplest phonics online activities that are useful in solidifying phonics knowledge and increasing vocabulary. You can use ice cream sticks with letters written on one end that are placed inside a cup. Then you can pulled out one by one, and students are prompted to think of a word beginning with that letter. This will elevate their knowledge of new words and sounds.

Sound matching popsicles

In online phonics classes you can create A-Z alphabet popsicles and laminate them, so they remain in good shape for the years to come. Scramble the letters and picture halves on the table and encourage students to see how long it takes them to match up the pictures to create popsicles. 

Counting syllables

How many syllables are in each word? Kids can get in on the fun of counting syllables in this quiz that helps them start recognising syllables. This straightforward phonics online activity is excellent for first grade, second grade, or any level of learner that needs to learn different parts of word structure featuring a multiple-choice format.

Which One Doesn’t Belong

In online phonics classes children can practice letter sounds (phonological awareness) with this set of 26 cards – one card for every letter of the alphabet. Children have to look at the cards and find the one that doesn’t belong in the same group. On each card, there is one letter with two pictures that have the same letter sound. Place one picture on the card as the “wrong” letter sound. Children can mark or clearly tell the picture that does not belong.

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