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There are only so many times you can watch ‘Frozen’ with your kids before you start saying the dialogues in your sleep! You’re probably looking for new things for your kids to explore when they finish their homeschooling classes. We’re all looking for new hobbies and boredom relievers! Thankfully, we’ve got a slew of fantastic activities for kids to enjoy!

Kids’ fun activities seem restricted and monotonous. After a few games at home, parents begin to seek new family activities. Sometimes it may appear that your only alternatives are movies, TV shows, or video games, yet you are concerned about excessive screen time. We understand! We have 5 terrific ideas for you whether you’re seeking quick crafts for kids or a list of fun activities for kids that you haven’t done a hundred times!

Having said that, here are fun activities you can try;

Home Workouts

Contrary to popular belief, workouts do not have to be exhausting or hectic. Now, you can get yourself and your kids moving by something simple and fun like dancing. Or, if you’re in the mood to unwind and calm down, try out yoga. Getting your kid into the practice of doing yoga at a prime age has immense benefits. It has been proven that yoga has a direct positive impact on mental health. 

Make Art!

Paint, pastels, paper, and canvas are all enjoyable, especially for youngsters who enjoy getting dirty or for those who want to learn more about various mediums and methods. This is the time you get your kid to unleash their inner artist. Making art is vital for overall cognitive development which is why it is included in the curriculum as well. 

Games, Games, and More Games

This one doesn’t require a sorcerer to figure out. It might be flashcards, quizzes, or monopoly as a form of review. Now, iSchooling is considered to be the best homeschooling in India for a reason. We include lots of fun ways to encourage learning which can be continued after the lessons end too. You may even design your own versions of monopoly or chutes and ladders, where the game pieces and places need topic knowledge. Of course, there are genuine board games meant to teach certain skills, as well as a plethora of learning apps that include games.

Get to the Outdoors 

Museum visits, natural regions, historic landmarks are all wonderful options for being outdoors. After all, there needs to be something fun to look up to after finishing the homeschooling programme Going out with your kids is as important as going to their PTMs. Other ideas that follow your child’s interests or create new passions might be found by thinking outside the box. For field trip options, consider adjacent auto museums, water filtration systems, factories, historic, cultural, and natural sites.

Gather and Paint Rocks

Go to a local park after the homeschooling programme ends and collect rocks, then turn it into a craft day. Colour them with any paint you have on hand, and maybe even convert them into fridge magnets.

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